Sonicwall OS 5.X mapping services / ports to internal devices using the WAN primary IP

So… you are out of public ips and have no more room for one to one NAT?…. or perhaps you only have one WAN primary IP and you need to map services from the internet to internal services, or to internal devices on your LAN network? How do you do this on your Sonicwall?

I will show you in this video how to map an external port on your primary WAN ip to any internal devices on any internal port inside your LAN.

For the purpose of this video we will be mapping port 5000 on the outside, to RDP port 3389 (the default) on the inside, for a windows server – one the WAN primary IP – one to one NAT is another video and example.

As long as you give your external port a unique port number / protocol, you can map any service to the same or different internal services and devices!

Youtube Sonicwall video on how to map services to internal on same WAN IP

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