Robocopy copy new and extra files only between folders (including sub folders)

Common problem, you have two folders with a lot of files in them, most of the files are the same, but each folder and the sub folders have some newer or different files.

how do you update the content in both to be the same? Robocopy.

Robocopy is included in windows 7 and newer and all servers OSs.

  1. make sure you have backups of both sets of data (both sets of folders source and destination)
  2. get into the command prompt.
  3. Identify your source and destination folders
  4. run     Robocopy source destination /R:0 /W:0 /E /SEC /SECFIX /XO
  5. then run   Robocopy destination source /R:0 /W:0 /E /SEC /SECFIX /XO

Robocopy newer files video guide

I am making the assumption that you do not have new edits of the same files in both source and destination.


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